The loom shed has been filled with the noise of a loom weaving, a pirn winder winding and tea being slurped!

After the success I had at our local craft fair, I’ve been busy designing and weaving some new tweeds as well as weaving for another weaver. 
As I had a number of pirns (wee bobbins that sit in the shuttles) left from other tweeds I’ve woven I decided to use them up in a patchwork tweed. Rather experimental, but I think it worked quite well. I’ve had plenty of positive feedback and a few sales so I’d say it was a successful experiment!  I’ve also been working on a commission which is currently up at the mill being washed and finished. 

The tweed I’m currently tying in is going to be a 2×2 herringbone of denim blue and grey. 
Photos to follow!

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