Earwig Invasion

I HATE earwigs. With a passion. Never more so than last year when I found one in my headphones as I was wearing them. Since then, I have checked my headphones religiously for any manner of creepy crawly. The other night was no different. I checked them visually and then ran my finger around the inside, all clear I thought….


I’m sitting there weaving and minding my own business when I feel something tickling my ear, quite innocently I go to scratch it when suddenly I remembered this feeling from before. Cue, lightning speed removal of headphones! This time (whilst silently screaming and hyperventilating) I decided to take photos as proof. Not easy considering how much my hands were shaking.

20140709_204823            20140709_204912

Photos done, I moved to the table where I had my hammer at the ready, I tried to shake it out but it had clearly decided my headphone was paradise and it wasn’t going to leave without a fight. Shouting at it and monumental banging of headphone on table had no effect and so I had to chase it out with an empty pirn.

Then it was hammer time…



Thanks to a good friend and her bright idea, I now have a new HED (Headphone/Earwig Deterrent) system in place.  So far so good, no earwigs tickling my ear!  Being a Harris Tweed weaver is not an easy job – keep an eye out for a documentary detailing the dangers we face on a regular basis!


2 thoughts on “Earwig Invasion”

  1. I read this and got goose pimples ! I hate earwigs, couldn’t kill one, but this is the only creepy crawly that makes me scream and run away – I got nipped by one when I was a kid, and the trauma is still with me 🙂

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