The beginning (ish) of another year…

Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!  I know we’re into February but better late than never!

I’m shocked that it’s been well over 6 months since I last posted in my blog – updating it more often will have to be one of my new year resolutions.  Unfortunately, writing posts in my head whilst weaving doesn’t mean they get posted online!

Well, what a year last year was!  The first half you already know about through my (sparse) blog posts.  The second half was mostly filled with frantic treadling!

However, I was in America in August and did a talk on Harris Tweed while I was there.  My accent must be stronger than I think as when I was asked what my talk was going to be on and I replied ‘Harris Tweed’ they looked at me in horror and asked ‘How to streak??’ To which I had to inform them that unfortunately, no, it wasn’t a talk on streaking (as interesting as that might have been) but Harris Tweed.  In the end I had to spell it for them to understand what I was saying!!  I remember reading somewhere that the UK and the USA are separated by a common language and that certainly seems to be true!

During the summer, there are a plethora of Agricultural Shows in the islands and Harris is no exception.  I submitted tweeds to both the North Harris and South Harris Agricultural Shows and I did very well taking home plenty of rosettes and a couple of trophies!

I was involved in another project with Visit Scotland which has recently gone ‘live’.  You can view the video here:
I thought the concept of me ‘weaving’ these images was brilliant, and the resulting video certainly hasn’t disappointed!

Anyway, back to the loom shed for me!  Thank you to all who’ve supported me, visited and bought tweed – you made 2016 a great year.  Here’s to 2017!

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