Loom Maintenance

From time to time, things can go wrong on a loom. I seem to be particularly unlucky with my top springs. These springs help control the movement of the boards. I replaced my original assembly which had threaded hooks with an assembly which used welded hooks, as the threaded hooks kept snapping on me resulting in springs flying around my head! This is the old assembly:
The other night, I was weaving away quite happily when suddenly a board collapsed and a spring went flying towards the window. No snapped hook but the ring at the end of the spring which fits onto it had broken.
I decided to take a spring from the old assembly to replace it. Simple enough, I thought at first until I realised it was far more compressed than the spring it was replacing!  Due to the compression, I couldn’t stretch it far enough to fit so I sought advice from my cousin.
He said to try putting pennies into the spring to lengthen it…
By using 70 pennies, I managed to stretch it enough to fit!
Cue the removal of pennies…
And voila! One spring replaced.  Let the weaving commence!

2 thoughts on “Loom Maintenance”

  1. Hello, I am looking for some wire healds (Heddles) 10 inches long for my recently aquired Hattersley Mark 1 loom. The ones in the shafts are badly corroded and have to be replaced. I will need 1500 to get up and running. Do you know of anyone, or any where that may have that quantity for sale?

    Thanks in advance.

    Paul Myall.

    1. Hi Paul, I don’t know of anywhere off hand but I’ll email you with some contact details of other who may be able to help.

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