A few months ago, I had some lovely people from Sweden visit me.  They were working for a magazine and the photographer, Anders G Warne, sent me one of the pictures he took which I thought I would share with you.  This was the first time my tweeds had ever taken a trip to the beach!

Anders G Warne

I was also a contributor on the programme Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands, which was shown on BBC1 on Monday 7th Sept 2015.  It was an interesting programme but there were a few inaccuracies.  For a tweed to be Harris Tweed, it has to be hand woven within the Outer Hebrides and all processing of yarn and tweeds, has to be done within the Outer Hebrides too – not just Harris.  Also, my loom shed is at the back of my garden, not on my croft and I’d love to be weaving six hours every day – I’d certainly clear my back log quite quickly, but the reality is, I don’t.  I’m only weaving part time at the moment.

5 thoughts on “Publicity”

  1. Great picture – Harris tweed in its natural habitat! The colour looks amazing against the blue and grey of the beach. Thanks for the tip off for the BBC programme; I’ll definitely be watching that on the iplayer, and bearing in mind your corrections!

  2. I received the new issue of VAV magazine this week. Wow! What a glorious presentation about tweed. I was particularly impressed with your story, Rebecca. I love the unique fabric you produce…the color combinations are beautiful I am also intrigued by the loom you use. I have never seen a loom like it. I live in the United States, in Las Cruces, New Mexico (very near the US/Mexico border). I have been a weaver for about 21 years and use floor looms and one portable table loom. I weave, do natural dyeing ( from plants primarily harvested from our high desert), spin, and knit, all for my own use. I am extremely impressed by the work you do.

    Congratulations on a fantastic write-up in VAV!

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